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Casino Party Planning – 10 Steps to the Perfect Party
Casino Party Planning – 10 Steps to the Perfect Party

Casino Party Planning – 10 Steps to the Perfect Party

Casino night parties are among the most popular themed parties for adults. They allow for the use of various casino games, in addition to food and drinks, and for the entertainment of up to 60 guests with the use of the many party favors available. Casino nights can be very elaborate, or simple, depending on the budget and purpose. For the budget conscious, casino parties can be implemented with reasonable results.

Casino Night – Planning the Parties

The first and most important decision when conducting any casino night event is determining a cost. This could be determined by the types and number of gaming equipment that will be utilized, or the charges for entertainment, refreshments, entrance fees, and other expenses. In addition to the individual charges for casino games, entertainment, and other services, a cost is also associated with the kind of gaming equipment that will be brought to the party. Like any other party, the cost of casino night rentals can be charged per guest, with each game costing about $10.00 or less. In addition to per- guest costs, there are charges for space rental, catering, and other related services. So, the cost to hire professionals to stage a casino party could be anywhere from $4,000 to $16,000, depending on the services that are required.

The primary purpose for casino party rental is to provide the setting for the enjoyment of casino games by providing Las Vegas-style entertainment and fun to hundreds of people. This will include casino tableside tables where people can play on various casino games. There will also be full-size craps tables, high-roller bars, gaming equipment, and other areas(such as the dealers cage and VIP area). With the abundance of gaming equipment in the party, there will be Vegas-style gaming instances where guests can bet on various casino games. However, the primary focus of any casino night party must be the ability to provide Las Vegas-style casino party rental to hundreds of people. Whether it is a private party, or a corporate casino night, hundreds of people can enjoy the fun of casino games.

Prior to holding a casino night, or just before a casino night, there is an opportunity to set up a Las Vegas style casino party using a large area of flexible venue, including the use of party tables, chairs, fun party supplies, food and beverage, party decor, and the addition of casino style tables and set-up. There is also a need to hire professionals to set up the casino party line and establish gaming areas for the gaming professionals.

A Dewavegas style casino night is a great way to impress your guests and entertain them. Whether it is playing classic casino games or trying other casino-related activities, this party is sure to succeed. It is highly recommended that you obtain professional entertainment party planners to run casino-style casino parties for you. Even if you are interested in conducting casino nights for yourself, it is important to hire professionals because:

Publicity Tips

  1. You may want to ensure that the event will be open to the public for a minimum of two weeks prior to the date of the event.
  2. You will want to conduct a survey to obtain the input of casino guests to determine the interests of the casino guests in the party.
  3. extensive research on casino equipment, casino dealers, and Las Vegas history.
  4. you will want to determine a gambling budget for the night prior to the party to ensure that there will be no expense for the entertainment.
  5. entertainers should play appropriate casino-style games.
  6. you will want to rent casino-style equipment such as the dice, spinners, and cards.
  7. obtain a safe gambling environment.
  8. decide on the theme of the party and a suitable occasion to conduct the casino night. Possible themes could include: Money, Gambling, Travel, and Giants.
  9. invite your guests to enjoy the benefits of joining in the fun, and not the games.
  10. call for casino employees to assist in setting up the games (if necessary).
  11. invite your guests to join in the games, and take advantage of the bonuses that the casino is providing.
  12. evaluate the risks and rewards prior to conducting a casino night event.
  13. make sure that the drinks were provided by the house.
  14. determine a payback percentage to be achieved for the casino night.
  15. invite your guests to enjoy the full buffet program offered at the casino, prior to the party.
  16. plan poker tournaments in all the areas.
  17. invite your guests to enjoy non-vegetarian cuisine.