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Who’s No 1?
Who’s No 1?

Who’s No 1?

No, we’re not talking about college football. We’re not talking about the Super Bowl. We’re not even talking about the Winter Classic. Instead, we’re talking about one of the most unpredictable and celebrated sports events of the year: The NFL playoffs. More specifically, we’re talking about the Super Bowl. During the regular season, it’s easy to predict which team would win, and usually that’s it. However, the playoffs allow us to break down games and pick apart teams, making for a much stronger final table. Normally, we’d have a favorite, but in this case we’re going to be biased in favor of our Super Bowl pick.

Right now, our Super Bowl bet is on the Patriots over the Colts. Never bet against the favorite, especially in the playoffs. It would be like betting against your favorite team. However, you never know what the Patriots could pull off. They have a great defense, a solid offense, and a deadly presence at the running back position. You’ll also find that their defense has some holes, especially in the secondary. Despite all of that, we think they will be able to hold their own against the Colts.

Our expert picks are based on Against the Spread (ATS) results. This means that we’re looking for the possibility of a home loss or a draw in the next several games.advantage the best team to win the game based on the comparison of records. If you see a home dog or a draw, you will make your usual bet, but you’ll look at the line a little differently.

risking $110 to win $100(60 to 42) -110

Spartans 760 – 140 Patriots 860 – 140

If you’re looking for an excellent number to bet on, than you’ll want to go with the Patriots at +150 or +160. Of course, they are far from perfect, but they have the look of a team that will belong in the Super Bowl. If you’re going to chance it, we recommend taking the safer bet.

Who’s No 1?

  1. New England Patriots: The reigning Super Bowl Champs boast the best defense in the game and the best offense. Go against them on the road and you might find yourself living a dream. The only question is whether or not TE Tony Gonzales will be ready to go October 27th in New Orleans against the Cardinals.
  2. Oakland Raiders: Art who? Art Shell is the perfect fit for the Oakland Raiders, but he doesn’t quite have the weapons or offense to make it a possibility. Still, control of the ball will be the goal against the Ravens. Any improvement from QB Kerry Collins and the rest of the O-line will be welcome.
  3. Denver Broncos: The defending champs are the top of the NFL food chain. If Jake Plummer can manage to stay healthy, and QB Jake personally doesn’t cost the integrity of the game, this is the best team in the NFL.
  4. Chicago Bears: Everyone’s putting the bears on the number four spot, and we think it’s highly likely QB develops the strength necessary to push a young team like this one. On the other hand, there’s something to be said about this mid-pack in the NFC. Hold firm with this date in Chicago.
  5. Minnesota Vikings: IfSEATTLE SEAHAWKS lose at home to the Lions, and don’t quite make the playoffs, look don’t you think they’ll get 6 at theducers? And how about the fact the Vikings have the longest home winning streak in the NFL? If they were playing the Bears, would you still pick them? Now that’s aFilipinos gamewhich we haven’t heard about in a while.

snake eyes and boxcars have the NFL’s worst run defense. It’s a knees and grooves squad with no pass rushing ability. They play 4-3 pass defense and nickel corner against the league’s 6th ranked pass offense.

  1. San Diego Chargers: hi- Lung out.

San Diego has made some strides since firing HC Norv Turner in the off time. If HC Eric Mangini can keep QB Phillip Rivers fully intact for the season, San Diego will be a force in the AFC.

  1. Baltimore Ravens: Eric Mangini is the perfect fit in Baltimore, and hopefully they can all work out their problems. As long as QB Steve McNair is on the field, Baltimore will be a force in the always eager AFC North.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals: The Bengals are a solid looking team, but QB Carson Palmer is still holding them back.

Defensively the AFC North’s best unit returns 8 starters, which should continue to give the Bengals the highest ranked pass defense in the conference.