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Online Blackjack Bonuses
Online Blackjack Bonuses

Online Blackjack Bonuses

When you play online blackjack you can count on the blackjack bonuses to increase your edge and increase the chances of winning. Even though they are available, you need to be aware of how to take advantage of them. When you need to win, you need to get your blackjack bonuses. Some websites will use a card counter system or ask you to download a card counting program, but if you want the true counting value of a blackjack bonus, you need to use an online card counting tool. Card counting is a system or software that will allow you to automatically keep track of the cards played and your place in the shoe as the cards are being played. This is done by running a simple program on your laptop or desk top that will automatically record the cards played on your Blackjack and Keno card in a neat column, so you will know instantly, whether you are ahead or behind, and no one can steal your legacy.

After learning card counting you will add your card counting mindset to your blackjack strategy and increase your chances of winning. Most casino blackjack games have a house advantage, as well as house odds, and the purpose of blackjack tournaments is to get as close to house odds as possible. The casino’s advantage over the players is taken away if the tournament pays at least the house edge, usually it is 10%, so a tournament pays more than just the house edge. Most tournaments pay at least double the house edge. If you eliminate the house edge the better your chances of winning. Card counting makes it easier to win in online blackjack tournaments because it allows you to beat the computer. But if you want to make money in the long run, you will have to get used to beating the computer, it’s just a fact of life.

Most online casinos don’t allow counting, but some, like the one at, do, and they have real results to prove it. The casinos that allow realistic odds, require the player to beat the casino, hand on heart, and both card counting and memory or clump reading. The casinos learn about the rate of play by having to pay out a certain percentage of winnings to the player, the casino earns a small percentage for each game, but most of the rest goes to the house. The card counter, makes a tiny investment in equipment and then makes nearly a fifth of all the house profits on a single deck card counting deck. The advantage goes to the player when the card counting is done correctly.

When playing cards online card counting, you want to beat the online casino to earn your bonus. Counting cards is the only way to earn a bonus. When playing online, the odds are set by a random number generator, which is not really random at all, it is pseudo random. This means that it’s pretty easy to predict the outcome of the cards. Playing online BlackJack or other games in a land based casino makes it easier to earn your bonus because the casino uses a random number generator to select the cards. By using a card counting method and a proven strategy, you can actually beat the casinos edge and the casinos almost always lose in the long run.

Although you can win in the short term with a few high cards, you must know that the casinos have a built in edge if you’re playing online. The odds are fixed, so winning in the short term is by no means assured. If you’re really lucky, you might be able to win the casinos blackjack bonus and therefore earn a stable income. Blackjack bonus winnings are paid to you in installments. The casino will also pay you at least once per month, sometimes twice, per week, or even more. There are many blackjack bonus offers available, so you should always check the best bonus options first.

Your blackjack bonus will become even more rewarding if you refer your friends to join the casino and you can get up to ten times more in your bonus if your referrals increase the amount of money in your account. If you are a first time customer you will also be eligible for a bonus once you have accumulated enough loyalty points. Blackjack online casinos are eager to add you to the list of loyal patrons, so you may have the opportunity to earn extra rewards and earn even more rewards from them.

Most players tend to lose their money because they do not have a consistent way of getting money in and out of the casino. Online blackjack bonuses can change this scenario. Using your blackjack bonus can help you to have a steady monthly income and to take part in the special blackjack tournaments offered for those times when the high limits are particularly low.

The blackjack bonuses offered by online casinos afford you flexibility of action. Unlike the fixed bonuses in the participating casinos, you can move freely within the gaming platform.